7 facts about Vodka

1 Apr

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Here are a few quick facts about Vodka that we have gathered in our research. At the start I wanted to have a really long list, like about 50 points, but then I realised that peopleĀ  are going to get bored. I cut them now into manageable sizes, and here are the first 7 interesting vodka facts.

Vodka Facts

  1. In the 15th century a type of vodka was used for making gunpowder in Sweeden.
  2. Vodka is fermented from grain, and is normally colorless.
  3. In Russia, the home of vodka, the first uses for the drink was for medical purposes. In Poland it Vodka was sometimes scented and used as aftershaves.
  4. The exact origin of where Vodka comes come is contested from the following countries
    1. Western Russia
    2. Poland
    3. Ukraine
    4. Belarus

    Drinking vodka has been a long time tradition of the Scandinavian countries (Finland/Sweeden/Norway)

  5. The main reason why vodka became so popular in Russia was because the spirit never froze in the hard Russian winters. This is due to the high alcoholic content.
  6. Today vodka is produced from the following grains
    1. Sorghum
    2. Rye
    3. Corn
    4. Wheat

    Rye and Wheat is the choice of most vodka manufacturers

  7. In the Ukraine they call vodka, horilka, and the word for vodka comes from the Russian word voda, which means water. This is attributed to the water like appearance of vodka

So there you have it in a nutshell, some great vodka facts. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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